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RM Nimbus Mouse
Mouse - A simple input device which is used to drive a pointer on the screen. Two buttons are provided in order to make selections. The left hand unit based upon the Logitech 82-9F Serial Mouse
See the PS/2 Arduino alternative
Logitech 2F-RM
RM Nimbus XW40
XW40 - 40mb Hard Drive - Winchester
Available also as XW20 & XW60
Connects to a PC-186 which may require a SASI interface card
RM Nimbus Keyboard
RM Nimbus Keyboard
The original case RM Nimbus 186 used a non standard keyboard, it was not an XT or an AT, although it used the same connector. Instead it used inverted TTL protocol @ a set 9600 Baud. This means that no other keyboard will work on the early Nimbus 186. The redesigned slimline Nimbus uses the industry standard PS/2 protocol.

See the PS/2 Arduino alternative
RM Nimbus Ethernet Card
RM Nimbus 186 Ethernet card - Used for later non Z-Net links
RM IBM Mode Utility Board
ROMPAC Cartridge
RM IBM Mode Utility Board
IBM Mode Utility Board
Provides extra hardware compatibility with the IBM PC, as well as providing sound and a real time clock.
RM IBM Mode Utility Board

RM Nimbus Drive Controller
This is a dual Floppy/SCSI(SASI) Controller

8087 maths coprocessor


8087-2 Maths Co-Processor (8Mhz)
The 8087 is a high speed floating point maths co-processor for the PC-186. Applications which perform repetitive numeric calculations, such as further PC-186 spreadsheets, compilers and CAD packages, can greatly benefit from an 8087.
Some CAD packages even have a mandatory requirement for a co-processor such is the benefit of this hardware floating point capability, eg, AutoCAD.

This requires the Daughter Board pictured
An 8087 IC cannot be instered directly to the mainboard.
It will phsically fit, however the OS will be unstable and freeze without it.

*Probably needs the same board upgrades required for the IBM Utility Board

Generic Test Application(Tested on the Nimbus): DOWNLOAD

Philips VP415
Philips Vp415 Laserdisc Domesday Player

Used in conjunction with a Nimbus SASI Card that had an external connector.
For viewing the BBC Domesday material that was collected around 1984-86
Trandata TM512

Trandata TM500, TM512 & TM722 Modems

These modems are for use with all RM systems.

RM Nimbus X-Series ISA Expansion Card
AX/VX Server RM-Net ISA Ethernet card
RM Nimbus Memory Module
Data Communications Controller

Provide both synchronous and asynchronous communications at low and high speeds
RM Nimbus ROM Upgrade
ROM Upgrade

The Nimbus had user changeable ROM chips that would allow for extra functionality
The plastic anti-static case looks to be how it would arrive to the customer
The IC on the left is a Mitsubishi M5L27256

Split into 2 IC's I assume this is an odd, even split to produce a 16bit path from the 8 bit IC's
RM Nimbus Memory Module
Nimbus 186 Memory Module PN.12859
Research Machines Cardboard Box
Cardboard Packaging Box!
Research Machines Cardboard Box
RM Nimbus z-net card
RM ISA Z-net Card for the X series server.
RM Nimbus z-net card

RM Z-Net card for the 186
The very early ones came with no network, and just a gromit over the hole, like this one
For use on PC1/PC2 and PC20 systems.
Network stations require a minimum of 0.5Mb of memory

RM Nimbus z-net card
User manuals
RM Nimbus Parallel Card
Parallel Port card for the 186. A BBC compatible printer port with 8 bit user port. Used for driving printers and for connecting to control equipment, such as the concept keyboard.
RM Nimbus SketchPad

Sketchpad Digitising tablet with a cordless stylus. The Nimbus sketchpad offers greater manual control for artists and designers. It is held in the same way as a pen or paintbrush. Includes a utility to emulate the Nimbus mouse.

RM Nimbus Piconet
The internal serial piconet card provides both a serial port and a Real Time Clock with battery back-up.
Typically used on a Nimbus PC-186 that was being used as the network server
RM Nimbus Piconet

The parallel Piconet module provides a centronics compatible printer interface. It also allows emulation of the 480Z and the BBC model B parallel port. An additional BBC B compatible analogue port is also provided.

Integrex Colourjet 132
Integrex Colourjet 132 - A rebranded Canon PJ-1080A, Suitable for art and design software on all Nimbus systems. Requires a parallel port.
RM Nimbus External 5.25 Floppy Drive

PC-186 External 5.25" Floppy Drive
Allows the Nimbus to read and write to IBM 360k floppy disks.

RM1404 Monitor
Mitsubishi RM1404 Monitor
RM1404 Monitor
Piggy Back board placed where the 8051 normally is, first noticed on a spanish Nimbus review.
The piggy back board holds an 8031 with a ROM, one can only presume this was because the 8051(an 8031 with built in ROM) had not been manufactured in time (it appears they used a customised version of the 8051) or they were still making constant changes to the code and a ROM made that easier, do you know?
RM Nimbus Parts List
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