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RM102 - Data Aquisition & Control

The RM1O2 was a programmable microcontroller based unit for data acquisiton and control from 1984

    "A versatile, low cost instrument with a multitude of roles which grow with your needs... "

    With its ability to be programmable or indeed totally rewritten in assembly language for the 8031 based microcontroller, it was an interesting concept developed by the 'Instrumentation Division' at Research Machines, prior to the development of the New Generation Computer, Nimbus.
    It appears to have been shortlived, very little information exists on the unit, however it has been reported that 50 units were manufactured.

    Out of the box the unit offered 5 independant functions:

  1. Voltmeter
  2. Frequency Meter
  3. Timer
  4. Transient Recorder
  5. 4-channel analogue data logger

    Interestingly we see here an implimentation of a cartridge port, used in this case for programming the RM102. The cartridge application was seen prior to this on the 480z and later on the Nimbus.
    The case frontage was designed by Twydell Associates of Tunbridge Wells.
    A review by Chris Brown of Sheffield University, published in the September 1984 copy of 'Read Using' details a first look at the unit and is available to read here.

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The RM102 Data Logger
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