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Version 3.00C
Nimbus PC-286 PC-386
Building on the success of the Nimbus PC-186 and moving with new technology, RM added 2 new powerful low-cost systems to their educational PC series.

Based upon the new Micro Channel architecture bus developed by IBM
RM Nimbus PC-286
RM Nimbus PC-386
Processor 80286 80386
Speed 10 Mhz 16 Mhz
Wait States 0 0.7
IBM Compatibility PS/2 PS/2
Internal Bus 16-bit 32-bit
Co-Processor Option 80287 80387
Minimum Memory 1Mb 1Mb
Maximum Memory 16Mb 16Mb
EMS 4.00 (S/W) standard standard
EMS 4.00 (H/W) option option
Operating System MS-DOS MS-DOS
Windows 2
OS/2 (option)
Unix (option)
VGA Plus Graphics
BBC Basic (option)
19" Display (option)
Hard Disk Size (Mb) 40/60/120 40/60/120
MCA Expansion Slots 3 3
A slimline pc-386 Nimbus Front view of an RM Nimbus PC-386 RM Nimbus PC-386 Badge RM Nimbus PC-386 Front View RM Nimbus PC-386 with ESDI drive RM Nimbus PC286 - slimline front RM Nimbus PC286 - slimline rear RM Nimbus PC286 - slimline RM Nimbus PC286 Memory


It also appears that a slimline 386/20 was later produced.
Little is known so far, but its assumed to be the same as above but with a 20mhz processor, not the 16.

Here is the only known image to the museum, which is stamped 'Property of UCE Birmingham' :
RM Nimbus 386/20

Information on the Slimline PC-286 & PC-386 Nimbus Range
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