RM Nimbus Logo W E L C O M E
Version 3.00C
RM NB300 Logo
RM NB300 Laptop
The RM NB200/300/400 Notebook from Research Machines

Intel 286/386/486sx

This marked a change of strategy at RM for inhouse hardware design and manufacture, that started with the RM 380Z and ended with the Nimbus range.
The RM NB200, NB300 & NB400 were actually a rebranded Siemens-Nixdorf PCD-2N, PCD-3Nsx and PCD-4NCsx
Other than minor cosmetic differences to the logo brand marks and the screen surround plastics, there appear to be no modifications to the BIOS or motherboard.

Screen Specs: CCFT (Cold Cathode Fluorescent) 640x480 VGA, 32 gray shades, Viewing area 7.0" x 5.2"

Options List:
Hard drive: 20, 40, 60 or 80Mb
Memory: 1,2,3,4,5,6 or 8Mb
Coprocessor: Optional

PS/2 Mouse and Keypad
External FDD
DB-25 Parallel Port
DB-9 Serial Port
External BUS - Dock?
Optional Modem

3 hour Battery:
Sanyo Cadnica 4KR-5000DE (4.8v 5000mAh)

Siemens-Nixdorf PCD-3Ns
The original base product from Siemens-Nixdorf
Packard Bell 386NB
The Packard Bell 386NB
Other manufacturers took advantage of the rebranding opportunity
Targa Traveller
ICL NB386s
ICL NB386s

The RM NB400, looked a little different, based as it was on the PCD-4NCsx

RM NB400-2 RM NB400-3 RM NB400-4 RM NB400

Here is an RM NB300 disassembled:

RM NB300 Base RM NB300 Battery RM NB300 Conner CP4044 IDE Cable RM NB300 Conner CP4044 IDE Connector RM NB300 Conner CP4044 RM NB300 Keyboard Case RM NB300 Keyboard Top RM NB300 Keyboard Underside RM NB300 Keyboard and Mouse Ports RM NB300 Keyboard RM NB300 Logo RM NB300 Memory Chips RM NB300 Memory SIMM RM NB300 Memory RM NB300 Motherboard RM NB300 NB200 RM NB300 Notebook Laptop RM NB300 Notebook RM NB300 PSU Details RM NB300 PSU Plug RM NB300 PSU RM NB300 Power PCB 2 RM NB300 Power PCB RM NB300 Processor and empty coprocessor socket RM NB300 RTC Clock RM NB300 Rear Ports RM NB300 Screen Case RM NB300 Screen Mount Underside RM NB300 Side View RM NB300 Top View RM NB300 VGA Socket and Modem Blanking Cover

Information on the RM NB300 Notebook
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