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Version 3.00C
RM Nimbus VX/2 Logo
The RM Nimbus VX/2
Intel 80386 32-bit processor - CPU Speeds of 16 Mhz & 8 Mhz - Built in VGA Graphics - 1 Mbyte memory as standard expandable up to 16 Mbytes - Internal Winchester of at least 40 Mbytes - Optional cache memory
Intel 80386DX-25 ISA Card and IIT 3C87-16 Maths Coprocessor
RM Nimbus VX Main Board with ISA slots
RM Nimbus ISA Zilog Z-net card
RM Nimbus Memory Module
RM Nimbus VX Power Supply PSU
RM Nimbus VX/2 top view
RM Nimbus VX/2 front view with new clock battery
RM Nimbus VX/2 rear view
Winbond ISA IDE card
The Nimbus VX/2 Server
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