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*** WANTED ***

The museum is always on the look out for *ANY* RM Nimbus related items.
The Nimbus is so rare now that literally anything related is helpful

Can you help the Nimbus Museum?
Can you locate any old printed material mentioning the Nimbus? Manuals / Adverts Etc.
Software and Hardware for the Nimbus? Every Little Helps...
Please use the contact me page to donate or sell

Items specifically looking for at the moment are:

  • ISA Z-NET card for the VX Server
  • Serial and Parallel Piconet equipment, especially the server Piconet card with the RTC
  • Colourjet 132 printer
  • Kermit for RM Nimbus AUX communication
  • XW external winchester units, eg XW40
  • 8087 Daughter Board
  • Softkeys / ROM Cartridges
  • IBM Mode Board
Wanted Equipment
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