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The Integrex Colourjet 132 is a 7 colour, 3 head, Inkjet printer

Support for which was included on many RM Nimbus applications.

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It was based upon the Canon PJ-1080A, which Canon licenced to other vendors who imparted their own ROM onto the units

Integrex is a british company, still in operation today (www.integrex.co.uk)

What Integrex brought to the table with their version was the interface to DOS...for further details on this please see the following articles from PC Magazine, November 1984
colorjet 132 article 1 colorjet 132 article 2 colorjet 132 article 3 quadram-quadjet-article Radio-Shack CGP-220-article

Printing Method: Drop-on-demand ink-jet printing
Print Head: Plezo-electric type
Nozzle: 4 horizontally-arranged nozzles
Printing Speed: 37 characters/second(standard characters)
2630 dots/second (Image print)
Printing Direction: Bi-directional line scanning
Printing Color (7 Colours) Y (yellow), M (magenta), C (cyan), Green (Y+C), Red(Y+M),
Blue(M+C) and Black

Printing Characters:
>Character composition:

Standard 5 x 7 dot matrix
Enlarged 10 X 7 dot matrix
>Character set: Full ASCII character set (96) and special characters (64)
>Character size: 1.5mm(W) x 2.7mm(H) -standard
3.0mm(W) x 2.7mm(H) -enlarged
>Dot diameter: 0.25mm to 0.3mm
Maximum Characters per Line:
>Standard characters:
80 characters/line
>Enlarged characters: 40 Characters/line
Image Printing:
>Image data:
Vertical 8-dot information
>Resolution: 560 dots per line
Color Hard Copy:
Horizontal 8-dot information
>Resolution: 640 dots per line
Printing Pitch:
>Horizontal: 2.12mm(1/12")
Print Buffer:
>Character printing:
1 line(40 or 80 characters)
>Image printing: 560 bytes x 4 colors
>Color hard copy: 640 bytes x 4 colors
Interface: 8-bit parallel interface(Centronics type)
>Paper type:
Plain paper(JP-216)
>Roll paper: Maximum width 216mm(8-1/2")
Maximum diameter 70mm(2-3/4")
Thickness 0.095mm ± 0.005mm
>Single sheet:

Maximum width 216mm(8-1/2")
Length 300mm or less
Thickness 0.095mm ± 0.005mm

Internal Photos of the Quadram Quadjet
Quadram Quadjet PCB - integrex colourjet canon PJ1-80a Quadram Quadjet Print cartridges - integrex colourjet canon PJ1-80a Quadram Quadjet Printhead - integrex colourjet canon PJ1-80a Quadram Quadjet Printhead pump - integrex colourjet canon PJ1-80a Quadram Quadjet ink flow - integrex colourjet canon PJ1-80a

Version differences on the PCB
Canon PJ-1080a
Quadram Quadjet Mainboard Quadram Quadjet
Integrex Cpolourjet 132 ROM Board Integrex Colourjet 132
IBM 3852-2

Colourjet 132 (NOT AVILABLE) IBM Colorjet 3852-2 DOWNLOAD

Canon PJ-1080a Bin File (402): DOWNLOAD
IBM 3852-2 (x2 ROMS):

Self Test
IBM Colorjet 3852-2
Quadram Quadjet
Integrex Colourjet 132

Optional Serial Interface

As standard the printer came with a parallel port, however an aditional serial option was available, certainly from Integrex for the Colourjet 132.

It was far from a plug in part though, requiring solder connections to the mainboard. There was a space within the printer though to accomodate the board, so it looks like it was always a planned option.

As can be seen below, the serial port was made avilable via a drilled hole near the power switch.
A sticker applied to the printer indicated that the parallel port was not to be used otherwise damage may occur.
Integrex Colourjet Serial Option Board

Interestingly Canon used the plasic case of the original PJ-1080a as the basis for its experimental BubbleJet printer, the Monochrome BJ-80 in 1985

bj-80 printer

canon bj-80

Integtex Colourjet 132
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