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Version 3.00C
Parallel Port

The nimbus did not have an inbuilt Parallel port.
To gain one required the use of either a Piconet box, or this add-on card.

It also provided a BBC compatible user port.

26-way BBC-compatible parallel prnter port
20-way BBC User Port
+5v DC Supply 1.70A
+12v DC Supply 0.65A

Pin Number
1 CA2 Strobe
3 PA0 Data Bit 0
5 PA1 Data Bit 1
7 PA2 Data Bit 2
9 PA3 Data Bit 3
11 PA4 Data Bit 4
13 PA5 Data Bit 5
15 PA6 Data Bit 6
17 PA7 Data Bit 7
19 CA1 Acknowledge
Even except 26   Signal Ground

An article from 'Electronics Education' in Spring 1990 gives some further details:


Parallel Port Add-on card
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