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The Museum is always looking to increase its inventory and welcomes any donated RM Nimbus related equipment.

Here is the current list of assets:

Serial #
Working ?
RM Nimbus VX 386 25 (VX 90 (5) 25 mhz) 604 24498
RM Nimbus VX/2 (VX/2 60 (5) (3) 2MB MO 51025201
RM Nimbus PC2 59 62264
RM Nimbus PC-186 Slimline M011041912
RM Nimbus PC-186 Slimline 73/50230
RM Nimbus AX (Caseless) 100/10000
RM Nimbus PC1 63/82752
RM Nimbus X20 38/29795
RM Nimbus PC2 54/31827
RM Nimbus TN 57 55649
Mitsubishi XC-1404CB 1101419
RM NB300 Notebook/PSU/RM Carry Bag RM34092050271
RM M-SF14-6MD Mouse MAI119200917
Piconet Parallel Interface Module: How to use it (digital) PN15283
RM DCC Data Communications Controller  
RM Piconet Serial Interface  
RM Piconet Parallel Interface 01 02/00440
RM1404 B140417424
Nimbus PC Parallel Port x3 Brand new in sealed box
Nimbus Mouse 2F-RM LT038910024
Nimbus PS/2 Mouse 2-82-6MD LT289020650
Nimbus Mouse 2F-RM - Ball Missing LT078911235
Nimbus Mouse 2F-RM - Ball & Cover Missing LT078911240
RM Flexiwrite Manual  
Microsoft InPort Mouse  
X Series/2 Handbook  
Network Release 2 Upgrade Guide Part # PN17711
Network Beginners Guide  
Network Managers Handbook 2.0  
Nimbus AX VX Handbook  
RM Nimbus - Owners Handbook  
Nimbus AX VX How To Use x2  
NewSPAper - 16 computer site licence  
Paintspa 1.6a - 16 computer site licence  
RM Nimbus Network 2 Revision B PN: 17176/77/78
Network Software Library Release B  
RM Nimbus X Series Network 2.1 Rel C PN: 19915/16
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