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The Museum is always looking to increase its inventory and welcomes any donated RM Nimbus related equipment.

Here is the current list of assets:

Serial #
Working ?
RM Nimbus VX 386 25 (VX 90 (5) 25 mhz) 604 24498
RM Nimbus VX/2 (VX/2 60 (5) (3) 2MB MO 51025201
RM Nimbus PC2 59 62264
RM Nimbus PC-186 Slimline M011041912
RM Nimbus PC-186 Slimline 73/50230
RM Nimbus AX (Caseless) 100/10000
some issues
RM Nimbus PC1 63/82752
RM Nimbus X20 38/29795
RM Nimbus PC2 12/14299
RM Nimbus PC2 54/31827
RM Nimbus 8087 Daughter Board  
XW20 External Winchester 04/00222
Microvitec 14581-HI Monitor 228593
RM Nimbus Utility Board  
RM Nimbus TN 57 55649
Mitsubishi XC-1404CB 1101419
RM NB300 Notebook/PSU/RM Carry Bag RM34092050271
RM M-SF14-6MD Mouse MAI119200917
Piconet Parallel Interface Module: How to use it (digital) PN15283
RM DCC Data Communications Controller  
Integrex Colorjet 132  
Quadram Quadjet  
Integrex Colorjet 132  
RM Piconet Serial Interface X2 Internal Card  
RM Centra V433  
RM Live Logger  
RM Piconet Parallel Interface 01 02/00440
RM1404 B140417424
Nimbus PC Parallel Port x3 Brand new in sealed box
Nimbus Mouse 2F-RM LT038910024
Nimbus PS/2 Mouse 2-82-6MD LT289020650
Nimbus Mouse 2F-RM - Ball Missing LT078911235
Nimbus Mouse 2F-RM - Ball & Cover Missing LT078911240
RM Flexiwrite Manual  
Microsoft InPort Mouse  
X Series/2 Handbook  
Network Release 2 Upgrade Guide Part # PN17711
Network Beginners Guide  
Network Managers Handbook 2.0  
Nimbus AX VX Handbook  
RM Nimbus - Owners Handbook  
Nimbus AX VX How To Use x2  
NewSPAper - 16 computer site licence  
Paintspa 1.6a - 16 computer site licence  
RM Nimbus Network 2 Revision B PN: 17176/77/78
Network Software Library Release B  
RM Nimbus X Series Network 2.1 Rel C PN: 19915/16
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